Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder

Created by Sandy Petersen

Sandy Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder
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The definitive guide by Sandy Petersen. New rules and over 100 monsters for the Cthulhu Mythos plus tons of 28mm scale miniatures.

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Sandy Petersen here and a design corner
about 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 27, 2017 at 01:33:23 AM

First off, the bad news. We don't have the .pdf of the entire book ready as we said we would. We are still a couple of weeks off from this completion. It's really just assembling & final editing. The good news is that this is being done because I am being compulsive and perfectionist about the last stages of the material, not because we're slacking off. Blame me, Sandy, and no one else. 

I'll be signing the vellum sheets for those people who are getting the leather-bound books next week. The sheets are being shipped out of China, I'll sign them and send them back, and then they'll be bound into the books. (Front page!)

Sandy's Design Corner: Deep One culture

The Deep Ones are an incredibly strange species. Though they live undersea, they are capable of operating on land. Unlike any other known species, they can interbreed with other species, producing (eventually) more Deep Ones, rather than hybrids or mongrels. They are able to grow (or shrink) to different sizes, based upon diet. They have their own culture, ancient and independent, yet seem somehow tied to, and interested in, humanity and other mortal cultures. The key to the Deep Ones is to understand that they are an artificial species, created by Great Cthulhu to interact with, and possibly to supplant, humankind. They are physically roughly similar to humans (at least they are bilaterally symmetrical, and have four limbs), so that they can interact more effectively. They even use vocal sounds for speech. (Cthulhu’s species does not – they are telepathic.)  

The Deep Ones are not an ancient species, though their culture is older than most mortal races. They themselves were designed shortly after humankind rose to prominence, because Cthulhu foresaw a need for their existence.  

Deep One Life Cycle  

The Deep Ones are able to reproduce with almost any other species of appropriate size. The resulting young look like the non-Deep One parent. Thus, if a Deep One mates with a large squid, the spawn looks like a squid. If a Deep One mates with an elf, the spawn looks like a baby elf. 

Over time, the spawn grows and matures, and eventually it will begin to make the transformation to Deep One. In humanoid races, such as orcs, humans, or dwarfs, this starts usually a decade or two after the person reaches physical maturity. In a human, the hybrid would usually be in his or her 30s. The metamorphosis takes years to complete, often another decade from when it starts. Psychic or emotional trauma or shock can accelerate or stimulate the change. 

The more different the mate is physically (particularly in terms of bone structure) the longer the metamorphosis takes. For example, a dolphin may take two or three times as long to complete the change as a human. 

Once the Deep One change is complete, the entity typically moves undersea and joins with the rest of the Deep Ones. Ideally, the Deep Ones themselves are aware of their spawn, and keep in contact with them, even putting together social constructs to educated and control such individuals (such as the Esoteric Order of Dagon).

Under the Sea  

Deep One society below the waves is stratified and controlled by the older, higher ranking entities. One feature of Deep One biology is that they can continue to grow, if fed sufficiently. The leaders ensure that this is done in a controlled basis – only those Deep Ones that are needed to be huge in size are permitted to do so. On occasion there have been entire cities that were ordered to become gigantic, but in a typical city, only a few individuals exceed the normal size, because it is more difficult to feed a gigantic population, and giants cannot as easily hybridize with the mortal races. When Deep Ones grow to large size, they do not necessarily stay humanoid in appearance. Instead, their body form can continue to mutant and adapt, and so extremely large individuals may look more like sea monsters than giant frog-things. Dagon and Hydra are good examples of this trend. The Deep Ones have a lot of skill in biology and genetics, and thus can often control and direct such growth. 

Deep Ones are perfectly capable of domesticating and using other types of undersea creatures (particularly mythos beings such as shoggoths), and are generally the most socially and magically sophisticated races of the sea on any world in which they exist. 

Deep Ones typically construct large and complex cities deep under the waves. When these are located near a shore, the local population is often subverted by the Deep Ones in many ways.


The Deep Ones maintain constant surveillance and contact with the surface world near their homes. Their ultimate purpose is not determined by them, but by Cthulhu’s design for them. They not only monitor mortal activity, but may some day be used to supplant the mortal realm. Their hybridization and inbreeding is one important tool towards that goal, for it allows them to blend in with mortals. The hybrids, of course, knowing they will one day be full Deep Ones, are fully supportive of the Deep One goals.

Last day for address updates (miniatures sets)
about 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 12:03:30 AM


If you need to change your address, please email:

This is the last day you will be able to change it, for the miniatures sets. Do not email Backerkit's support. They can no longer help you. 

 On April 13th, we will need the final file for all our shippers. If you are not able to provide a new address by today, please be prepared to retrieve your package(s) from whatever address you previously provided! 

As a reminder of the estimated fulfillment times: 

North and South America's container is arriving in port tomorrow. This means you should be expecting your package and tracking in 2 to 4 weeks, depending on various factors (such as customs, and how long it takes for the pick and pack, and if you live at the furthest point from our fulfillment center). 

The European container is arriving in port April 20th. After April 20th, expect it to be on its way to you within 2-3 weeks, depending on various factors. 

The Australian container arrived in port a few days ago. I'm told Australia had a holiday last Friday and Monday, but your rewards down under should be on their way to you shortly as well (getting it hopefully within the next 2-3 weeks, depending, again, on various factors). 


FINAL chance for address updates (for the miniatures sets)
about 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 01:10:14 AM


There are a few weeks left until some regions (such as EU) reach their port. However, the final fulfillment and shipping list for the plastic sets is being prepared as we speak.  

If you need to change your address, please email:   today!  

To make sure it gets done as quickly as possible, please include the name of the KS project (in this case Sandy's Petersen's Cthulhu Mythos). 

When we are preparing to ship the book this summer, you will be able to update your address again - this is only for the plastic sets.  

Don't delay!  


Don't be upset
about 1 year ago – Mon, Apr 03, 2017 at 09:43:52 PM


I misinformed you two weeks ago when I wrote the update saying US + Canada backers will get two waves of plastics. That plan will not work for us, unfortunately. We have to send a single sending of ALL plastics, which means it must wait until the remaining sets of plastics arrive in Seattle. 

Nothing will change for the rest of the world, but for US it means your miniatures sets won't be on their way until about the last week of April. 

Here is the full lowdown again, which is the same as last update, minus the change to US reducing to a single wave:

US/Canada containers arrive April 13th. All plastic sets will probably be in the mail within 2 weeks after that point (after going through customs, and freighting to warehouse, then pick and packed, etc.)

EU containers arrive in Germany April 20th. All plastic sets will probably be in the mail within 2-3 weeks after that. (Possibly 2, as our German shippers are fairly quick).

Australia/NZ container arrives April 8th. Again, I'd estimate 2-3 weeks until it's in the mail. 

Asian orders are already being sent, and most have already arrived (according to tracking).

What about the book?!

The book is on the same basic schedule I outlined in the last update - everything fully laid out by April 24th. 

I'll try to resume weekly updates (the past two have been every two weeks), to let you know the status of the final copy editing and layout. 

With things like this, there is certainly a chance we don't hit our April 24th deadline. I cannot see the future. However, we have a good team of freelance professionals finishing it up and I would bet positively on them.

I know sometimes these updates are not fun to read, but please do not remotely turn up my pain sensors. I can only handle so much. Yearck!

 - Brain Cylinder #83.7.1 (Arthur)

Anticipated Rest of Schedule + a Shipping Mixup
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 21, 2017 at 12:55:15 AM


This is a long, crunchy update with lots of information you will be interested to read! I apologize in advance for its length. The tl;dr is that the physical book will be in your hands this Summer, and the PDF sent to you by the end of April.

It's been a while since we've discussed the schedule for this project (aside from the plastic shipments, some of which is happening now). I am going to outline the entire rest of our projected schedule. It is no secret we are delayed in delivering the book to you. We'd like to now share where we are and where we expect to be in the coming months. 

Expected Book Schedule and Milestones

The final copy, final editing, and final art are still not quite finished. It has taken longer than expected to put together a lot of the stretch goals and added content than we anticipated, combined with a few fairly massive changes to our company structure and personnel in the intervening year since this Kickstarter project. Needless to say, we have not been able to follow our own internal schedule for this project. The silver lining is that it is likely a much better product as a result! 

Just as an FYI, there will be about 41 pieces of color illustrations commissioned for this book! That is not including the nice photos of painted miniatures that will be used for the bestiary section. The final count of art may be different than that - it may be a few less, even, if the last few ones don't make it in time for final layout. But it should look very nice! You've seen some of them in updates here and there. 

here's another to break up this long update! One of my personal favorites - the chapter illustration for the chapter with new Magic!

More like a "Dark Old" than a "Dark Young." Also, that knight is just an idiot to be so close hahaha.
More like a "Dark Old" than a "Dark Young." Also, that knight is just an idiot to be so close hahaha.


We are working towards having the layout and everything complete for the entire volume on April 24th. It would be then that we can release the PDF, and the same day the printing process will begin in China. Note, that is our expectation and goal. With the vicissitudes of putting together the final version of a very large book like this (and it being the first time we've done this!), April 24th is merely the goal we are reaching towards to have the PDF and printer files ready.

The next milestone to know about is when the printing will be done. If the process begins on April 24th, then we should have the physical books ready to ship out of China by the end of June. As you know, shipping is a big beast unto itself, but with a ship ready date of end of June we can reasonably expect a rough delivery of the books around the world in late July and early to mid August

However, I cannot stress enough how these are projections. We cannot see the future, and so by definition cannot know for a certainty that we will hit these dates as planned. That said, I am reasonably confident in them. We are getting fairly close on the book content itself, and the printers are the same exact ones Paizo uses for their books, and so I feel I can trust their expected timelines as well. 

What about the Plastic Miniatures?

There has been a mixup in the initial plastic miniatures shipment to US + Canada that we did not discover until the fulfillment house had received the product and opened the cartons to arrange for fulfillment. It turns out that not all the plastic miniature sets were sent out from China yet, for US + Canada backers. 

The shipment erroneously did not contain the following sets:

  • Former Human Horrors
  • Cosmic Nightmares
  • Shadows out of Time
  • Primal Horrors
  • Shadows out of Space
  • Foulness from the Stars
  • Designer's Collector's Kit
  • Tcho-Tcho Horde
  • The stretch goal box that includes the Tcho-Tcho High Priest + 1 from each Horde Pack

All the other plastic sets ARE in our Seattle warehouse and will be shipping out this week for US and Canada backers (look at the bottom of the update for that full list). These plastic sets (in the list just above) are currently in containers bound for Seattle on a vessel that has left its China port TODAY (March 20th, 2017). These will arrive in Seattle in early April (about a 14 day journey across the water) and then they will hopefully be at your home before the end of April, if you live in the Western Hemisphere. 

This means, for US and Canadian backers this Kickstarter has suddenly changed from a 2 wave to a 3 wave project. (Wave 1 is shipping this week from Seattle to your homes, wave 2 leaving China today, and wave 3 being the physical book itself this Summer).

I humbly ask your forgiveness for this unintentional mixup. We believed that all the plastic sets were on the initial vessel - indeed, that was our instructions to the factory. 

What about the plastic sets for the rest of the world?

Everyone in the Eastern Hemisphere is still getting all their plastics at once (with the book this Summer, of course). For Europe, the vessel containing all the plastic sets left last Thursday, March 16th, 2017. The containers for Asia and Australia have not left port yet, but should very soon - I will get you the departure dates as soon as I have them. (It's likely Asia and Australia backers will still get plastic sets before Europe given the proximity to China anyway). 

Full List of plastic sets that ARE shipping now to Western Hemisphere backers.

  • Dwellers of the Dreamlands
  • Dwellers of the Abyss
  • Cultist Horde
  • Deep One Horde
  • Moonbeast Horde
  • Ghast Horde
  • Mutant Horde
  • Ghoul Horde
  • Painted Gate
  • Glow in the Dark Elder Thing
  • Single High Priest

 - Brain Cylinder #83.7.1 (Arthur)

(No, I am not a "set" being shipped to US/Canada backers right now. It just looks that way because the dash looks like a bullet point. Don't be looking for the brain cylinder that houses me in your package! You'll only be disappointed).